Cosmic Dust

VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow
January 24th- May 17th

Rudolf Steiner, Anita Groener, Martin Healy, Brian King, Chris Fite-Wassilak, Ruth Lyons, Mark Cullen, Remco de Fouw. Featuring Le Voyage dans la Lune by George Melies

Cosmic Dust: tiny particles of solid material floating around in the space between the stars. This organic matter is the raw material that the earth is made from.

Gathering the ideas of artists, scientists and philosophers, Cosmic Dust looks at ways in which art, science and the spiritual can overlap to offer a deeper understanding of our metaphysical existence. From our connection to the elemental natural world to our place in the stars, the exhibition looks at poetic attempts to build systems of thought, meaning and belonging in the face of a vast and unknowable universe.

The pull of earthly rhythms are suggested by Ruth Lyon’s empty bowls carved from industrially-mined salt from Co. Antrim; Remco De Fouw’s chalk circle The Unchurning rests as a gentle echo of the circular patterns of nature, it’s soft edges receding back to organic dust; Anita Groener’s work captures the unending physical flux of time and space that we are suspended within; Mark Cullen’s drawings explore geometries from the universe about us, star systems and patterns carefully ordered; Martin Healy’s film Aether explores visionary Paul Scheerbart’s utopian and obsessive quest to build a perpetual motion machine; Chris Fite-Wassilak responds in text to the work of Scheerbart and his contemporaries with inquiring letters; Brian King’s cast bronze and metal forms detail ideas and symbols relating to ancient civilisations and systems of thought; drawings by Rudolf Steiner present fragments of his philosophy on our relationship to the cosmos; and George Me?lie?s’ 1902 film, Le Voyage dans la Lune, describes our evolving understanding of space.