Genesis 28:12, 2006.

This work examines the notion of mythologies in popular culture and in particular the myth of hidden messages in reversed music, commonly known as backwards masking. For the work a band was hired to perform the track “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin live and the performance was recorded on video. The video is edited so that it starts in reverse playing until the end of the section that supposedly contains hidden messages, then pauses and begins to play forwards again. This process is looped to continually repeat, each consecutive section mirroring itself, creating a form of visual palindrome.


Fred McCloskey – Rhythm Guitar
Jack O’Grady – Lead Vocals
Ned O’Grady – Drums
Tristan Ryder – Keyboards
James Richards – Lead Guitar
Turlough Moore – Bass Guitar

Gerry Mulkerrins

Pete Ray
Andy Smyth


Larry Hynes