The long afternoon of eternity

Reflections on time and its multiple variants are explored in this installation entitled The long afternoon of eternity (2016). The installation consists of three works - a bench, a photographic work and a neon text piece - which consider notions of time condensed through the transformation of materials. The centerpiece is a bench, which is a standard industrial design with cast iron ends, however the ends of the bench are made from a fusion of cast iron and iron meteorite mixed in the casting process. By physically merging the raw material for the bench with an artifact from the farthest stretches of the universe, a humble utilitarian structure is transformed into one embedded with multiple dimensions of times, histories and worlds. The accompanying photographic work depicts the meteorite before it was lost in the cast and the neon text quotes from TS Eliots Burnt Norton – itself a meditation on time – while referring to the observation of celestial bodies.